Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does it take to receive my order or become listed in your databases?

A: All new and pertinent information is updated into our databases within 24 hours,
and all orders, whether of a physical or online nature, are treated within that same
time period. For shipped goods, allow on average 5 business days for receipt.

Q: Why should I buy from you?

A: Our goal is to generate repeat business, so our business model is simple: Ensure
that listing information is accurate, and couple that with prompt and reliable
service. What matters most to us is that you come back.

Q: What are your billing terms?

A: For your convenience, you don't have to pay us at the time of your order. Our
standard billing term is payable 30 days from the invoice date, and we accept all
major credit cards, checks, even wire transfers!!

Q: Can I receive customized listings?

A: Absolutely. We can customize lists according to industry, region, annual revenue
and employee size. Let us know what you need and we'll deliver it.

Q: How do i change my password?

A: Log in, Click on settings then Modify Password.

Q: What happens if i forget my password?

A: Call AND Media Customer Service at (855) 327-7810 and it will be our pleasure
to assist you.


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