CD Business Indexes


Say you're a company that manufactures and sells toothpicks. You need to know
who your potential buyers are: grocers, restaurants, hotels and caterers. That's
where our indexes come in, by bringing those potential customers to your computer
drive and at your fingertips. Each index lists, and groups together, industries of a
particular type (such as the restaurant industry), conveniently detailing contact
information, years in business, size and sales figures - all the information you need
to get your foot in the door.

But that's not all. Now say you own a construction company that buys drywall to
build its bungalows. With the right index you can choose the drywall manufacturer
that can best serve your needs. Location? Quantity? Price? The choices are there;
you decide who gets your business.

Let our CD Business Indexes guide you in the right direction, and save you time and
money in the process.


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