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If you travel the Internet, you've seen them, placed at the top or corner of the screen,
or popping out at you from the center: miniature billboards advertising all kinds
of products or services. They've been around forever and there's a reason for that:
they work and don't cost much. Advertising is all about exposure, and banners can
be effective in that regard for two reasons:

1- They're seen repeatedly on whichever web pages they grace and,

2- People can click on them.

The most important thing about banner advertising is this: clicked on
or not, they build awareness – of your brand, name and company, just like more
conventional print advertising.

So what makes a banner effective? Well, it has to be eye-catching, to have the ability
to temporarily hold the viewer's attention. It should also be properly positioned on
the web page, to an area where the eye is more easily led. But most important of all
is using the right website and web page for your banner, bringing your message to
someone more likely to identify with your company's offerings. Can you imagine a
steak house banner popping up on a website serving vegetarians? Such misuse of a
banner will generate zero response, except maybe angry ones – certainly not what
a company is looking for.

The point is this: banner advertising can be effective if it's done properly. Our
company AND Media will never settle for less.


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